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The Chatthe family is one of the large scale farmers that have been cultivating sugarcane in the Kibos area in Kisumu (Miwani) for the past 100 years. As they own and operate their own sugarcane farms and transport business, they expanded their operations and vertically integrated their own and neighbouring sugar growing operations in the area by establishing Kibos Sugar and Allied Industries Ltd (KSAIL), on the 1st of September 1999.  KSAIL has grown tremendously since the sugar mill was commissioned in 2007.  Major industries have been developed which are now operating under the Chatthe Group.

The model of the Chatthe Group is to establish a complete circular economy where sugarcane is the basic raw material and out of the waste of the production of sugar, major industries that add value to upstream wastes have been established.  In the agribusiness sector, the circular economy consists of a major raw material producing a valuable product and whose wastes are major inputs into downstream projects that generate high value products; generate employment, revenue, and further downstream industries making them turnkey projects that build up growth poles, attracting other major investments/industries in their wake and generally, adding significantly to the GDP.  This is the model that the Chatthe Group has established at Kibos Centre.

our Identity


To be a globally competitive and unsurpassed innovator and producer of high-quality sugar and allied products.


To be a prime example of an innovative circular sugar industry, adding value to all its waste streams through establishment of turn-key industries and reducing our carbon footprint while blazing the trail in sustainable environmental management.

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Allied Companies

Under the Chatthe Group are the following companies

Kibos Sugar and Allied Industries Limited

Kibos Sugar and Allied Industries

Commissioned in 2007, it’s a modern 3500 TCD Greenfield sugar cane factory with an 18MW co-gen plant… 

Kibos Paper and Packaging Limited

Kibos Paper and Packaging Limited

This is a Pulp, Paper and Carton Manufacturing facility which was commissioned in July 2017…

Kibos Distillers Limited

Commissioned in August 2016.  It produces Alcohol (ethanol) for sale using molasses a by-product of sugar processing…

Kibos Sugar Refinery Limited

It is the only sugar refinery in East & Central Africa with a capacity to produce 150,000 tons of industrial sugar…

Kibos Fertilizer Limited

A fertilizer plant with a capacity to produce 120 tonnes of fertilizer per day is now under construction… 

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